Dietitian consultations are individually assessed to ensure optimum health and well being.


An initial consultation involves a medical review to understand your health background and to ensure the dietary advice provided is safe for any medical conditions. Every consultation will involve a diet review of your current intake and eating behaviours and an education session on key areas.


Education during the session is essential as this is what creates sustainable changes. These sessions are designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to make these changes last a lifetime.


These sessions aren't "meal plan" templates designed for a mass crowd, these are individually assessed consultations that help make sustainable changes. No more dieting cycles by following plans that weren't designed for you!


Sessions with a sports dietitian involve the above detail - but with an additional focus on how your diet can support athletic performance.



Initial Consultation (1hr) $130

Review (45 mins) $80


We understand that at times, people require more structure to help learn new eating behaviours. If you feel you need a meal plan, this is an additional cost to the initial consultation (+ $90).



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