At CrossFit Agema we offer more than "workouts". We offer coaching. Our goal is to transform your lifestyle and help you find a passion for fitness that will yield continual, lifelong results. Unlike other gyms that make their money off paying members who rarely (if ever) come to the gym.. we want to see you, get to know you on a personal level, train and educate you, and celebrate your successes with you. We take pride in the fact that a membership at Agema not only gets you "in the door", but gives you top quality coaching, programming, community, and results.


You will absolutely find cheaper gyms in the area. However, we sincerely believe that you will not find superior training. Good fitness programs are not cheap and cheap fitness programs are not good.


Agema Standard Membership Options


Weekly $45


Fortnightly $90



Agema Weightlifting Club


Weekly $30


Fortnightly $60



Military - Police - EMS

Here at CrossFit Agema we value the contribution our service men and women make to our community. We also understand that at times duty calls and your service will always take priority. In times like this you have the option of putting your membership on hold at no extra cost and we'll be here waiting to kick of your training again when you return.


Weekly $40


Fortnightly $80




All of the coaches at Agema have studied hard to achieve our goals, we fully understand the demands both financially and time wise of being a student. We believe very strongly that sound education is a key part in building a better community for us all. Because of this we are happy to provide the following student rates:


Weekly $40


Fortnightly $80




 Increasingly, companies are understanding the importance of having fit, healthy employees and are introducing expanded benefit programs to attract and retain them. We have a range of membership options to suit your needs and your budget. Eligible companies may receive corporate discounts on the following products:

• Full or partially subsidised memberships

• Company Pay Per Visit

• Guest passes



Private Training

All PT sessions are designed to meet your goals, including specialised coaching options. No matter what you are training for we can help you outline your goals and create a realistic plan for achieving them. Personal training sessions are available at the following rates:


30 Minute $60


60 Minute $130 (Initial Consultation)



Advanced Programing

From time to time some of our athletes want extra work to complete around our normal programing. If you feel like you would benefit from some extra training or targeted programing then please feel free to come talk to one of our coaches about getting some advanced programing.


3 Month Program $100



Sporting Team

If your sporting team is looking to take their performance to the next level, than we can help. We are able to set a targeted, sports specific training program that will increase your athletes work capacity and ability.


Contact us to enquire for more information.

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