My first introduction to CrossFit was in 2005 after watching MMA fighter, Chuck Liddell, train for fights. Intrigued, my online research took me to a very basic page outlining terms and acronyms I didn’t understand. At this stage, there were no CrossFit affiliates in Tasmania.


Fast forward to 2012 when I moved back to Launceston. I was overweight, unfit and my nutrition was poor. Discovering and trialling a CrossFit gym was all I needed to join and make a lifestyle change. Since then it has been a purpose to stay fit, healthy and lead an active lifestyle I enjoy.


Over the past few years I have achieved things I never thought possible. From gymnastics and agility to weightlifting and stamina, CrossFit has something new to work on every day.


To gain a better understanding of the movements and philosophy of CrossFit, I attended the Level 1 Trainer Course. I have since coached and helped other athletes achieve more than they ever believed, which I have found to be just as rewarding as my own achievements.



Crossfit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1) 2015

First Aid 2017

Working with Vulnerable People 2017


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